Online rights code reviewed

During the Vienna meeting we worked on the wording of the code, a number of changes were made. Your views will be wellcome, please have a look at the latest version and let us know what you think.

Here you can find the updated draft Code:

Please have a look and leave your comments.



Unions and Web 2.0 tools – the youtube vid

photos of the follow-up meeting in vienna

Here are some photos of the meeting and the thursday evenings dinner in the Salmbräu.

Update online rights code

This code was published in the year 2001 and looked at that stage only at e-mail and internet. In the meantime we have migrated to Web 2.0 applications, which provide completely new opportunities for communication. There are also some pitfalls for employees in particular using these tool for private purposes while they are at work.
We want to re-write the code, update it to cover the current situation.

You find the text of the code in this blog. Your comments and views are welcome. Please feel free to suggest changes and updates.

Thank you.

‘web2.0 Issues’ (ppt)

… as seen by the GPA-djp – the Departement ‘Work and Technology’:

You can download the PPT-Presentation here.

Online rights at work – A UNI code of practice

About this code
Information and communication technologies are changing the way in which we keep in touch with others at work – our colleagues, our managers and also our clients and customers. Used appropriately, the exploitation of electronic facilities such as email and the internet improve work efficiency and facilitate new ways of working.

However the use of these same powerful technologies in the workplace also raises legal, ethical and managerial issues, which companies and employees’ representatives have been attempting to grapple with.

Trade unions are concerned, among other things, at the implications for individual privacy of electronic monitoring of communications. Unions also point out that commercial web browser software is being designed with filters which block employee access to trade union websites.

Employers in their turn have natural concerns that employees may take personal advantage of email and internet facilities to the detriment of their work – or that companies will be held legally responsible for the content of private emails.

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‘the web2.0 challenge for trade unions’ (ppt)

I hope, you did enjoy the speech and presentation.
The PowerPoint-File is downloadable here (1.100KB).

mag. hc voigt

Please feel free, to commend, ask questions, discuss! I would love to get some feedback and I would love to discuss the topics, issues and strategies some more …